About Ecouter

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Ecouter is a new fresh type of ensemble, that has no limits in style or persuasion. From the music of Astor Piazzolla to contemporaries like Marc Mellits and even Canadian Folk Music. New music. Old music. We’ll play it, as long as we love it.

With a successful debut crowdsourced album project via Indiegogo.com in December 2012,
Ecouter was able to produced the album in a very short time! Also including winning 2nd place for Indiegogo yearly contest for best perk, which reached over 20,000 people online who voted for the ensemble.

Ecouter is an ensemble always looking for new fresh music, whether it be writing original works themselves or written by composers from all over the world.

Please contact us by email if you have a project or commissions in mind for the ensemble.