Project Three

“Three” is an original new music project featuring music and live film performed on stage. 3 musicians will be behind the film screen while the films are played. Production began in July 2013 and are hoping for Canadian release in 2017 for Canada’s 150th Anniversary of Confederation.

Each film has its own theme and dramatic story. Written by composers from all around the world: Cristina Spinei (New York), Daniel Nass (Minneapolis, Minnesota), Luci Holland (Edinburgh, Scotland), Anthony Green (Amsterdam, Netherlands), Clio Montrey  (Vienna/Calgary), Rebecca Brandt (New York), John Winiarz (Montreal) The films were produced by Julie Chaffarod, India Stewart, Anthony Green and Nikola Ragus.

Présentation du projet “Three”

«Three» est un nouveau projet original alliant musique et cinéma en direct sur ​​scène. Chacun des trois musiciens a un écran au-dessus de sa tête. Ces écrans affichent une histoire, des images, des images animées sur une bande sonore. La production commence en juillet 2013. Chaque film aura son propre thème et une histoire dramatique. L’œuvre sera écrite par des compositeurs de partout dans le monde: Cristina Spinei de New York, Daniel Nass de Minneapolis, Minnesota, Luci Hollande d’Edimbourg, Écosse, Anthony Green d’Amsterdam, Pays-Bas, Clio Montrey de Canada, Rebecca Brandt de New York, et John Winiarz de Montréal, Canada.  
7 different pieces will be composed, all with various themes and tones.

Cristina Spinei – New York Ms. Spinei received her BM and MM in composition from The Juilliard School where she studied with Pulitzer Prize winning composer Christopher Rouse.

More of Cristina’s previous work:

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Anthony Green – Netherlands International composer and pianist Anthony Green has been heard as a pianist and vocal improviser at the Cantor Arts Center, Jordan Hall, Symphony Hall, and other venues in the United States, the Netherlands, and Korea. Extended Bio Listen to Music

More of Anthony’s previous work:

Luci Holland – Scotland Luci Holland is a composer and musician who studied under Prof. Nigel Osborne and Prof. Peter Nelson at the University of Edinburgh. From a young age Luci has been fascinated with composition, the orchestra, and scoring to screen.

More of Luci previous works with film:

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Clio Montrey – Canada Clio is the recipient of several musical awards and distinctions, including three grants from the Bundesministerium für Unterricht, Kunst und Kultur (BMUKK), Austria. She has had her work performed on three continents at many concerts, as well as on CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) radio. Clio’s Website Extended Bio Listen to Music

Rebecca Brandt – New York In May 2012, Rebecca released her debut album “Numbers & Shapes,” 14 tracks of original compositions written and orchestrated for over 30 instruments. While her sound can be broadly classified as an instrumental pop/classical crossover, “Numbers & Shapes” blends a variety of genres, mainly focusing on electro-acoustic, contemporary classical, and electronic styles. @rebeccabrandt4 Extended Bio Listen to Music

John Winiarz – Canada Montreal composer and Concordia University Music Professor, has composed more than 65 vocal, instrumental and electroacoustic compositions which have been performed throughout Canada, USA and at music festivals at Amsterdam, Darmstadt, Athens, Bourges and São Paulo.
More of John’s Work:

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Daniel Nass – Minnesota A native of Howard Lake, Minnesota, Nass holds degrees from Saint Olaf College, the University of Missouri–Kansas City Conservatory of Music, and the University of Texas at Austin.
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Music from the debut album released in April 2013 and preview of what the visual will be like!

Nikola Ragusa – Flutist – Montreal Nikola has played around the world including Japan, USA, Germany and many areas across Canada. His debut solo album in 2010 “Flutes are Jumping” can be heard online on Itunes and has received airplay around the world. @EcouterListen Extended Bio

Amelie Brodeur – Flutist, Pianist – Montreal Flutist and pianist Amélie Brodeur is a versatile musician: From symphonic music, contemporary music, world music, chamber music and improvised music. She has been heard on various radio stations including CBC radio, Radio-Classique and WPRB Princeton. Extended Bio